Enabling Emerging Storytellers


Undiscovered. If that’s how YOU feel, you’ve arrived. And we’re here to help. 
We’re like a Pixar for books. An incubator for storytelling startups. Unearthing budding authors with raw talent to help them create their breakthroughs. 
And although we’re just seeding our first acts, more than 30 years of combined content experience for brands like Nike, Under Armour, eBay, and Overstock are reaping tasteful narratives. 
We’re learning as we grow. Together. And a portion of the proceeds will go to charities of each author’s choice that correspond to their characters so the world is enriched as readers turn the page. 
Welcome to Bishop Bear! Enabling Emerging Storytellers.

Our First Author's books

by Brandon Jozef


Brandon Jozef has been an award-winning writer, editor, and producer for some of your favorite brands and a variety of the world’s best creative agencies for more than 15 years. He lives in Western Pennsylvania with his wife and children, a relentless source of both two- and four-legged inspiration. Heroin Highway is his debut novel and the start of the Braxton Barrett series.

by Julieta Elizabeta

Julieta Elizabeta is creating a series of children’s books based on what has worked with her own daughters at story time. The first part of a series of sing-while-you-learn books in production, Marzena’s Milk and Cookies will launch in late 2022.

by Aivree Noelle

Aivree Noelle, an 11-year-old prodigy, is writing her first novel, Mrs. Schnozzberry. A whimsical tale about a school teacher trying to keep the world safe with her magical nose, this inspiring title will launch mid 2023.


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