Newbear Lesniewski

Hating & Making Outlines Work (For Your Work)

The inspiration for Braxton Barrett’s Beautiful Mind big board formally called out as such on page 141 of Heroin Highway—and the, “Thumbtacked mugshots neatly pressed into cork and all-caps dry erase marker in myriad colors intersected with a connecting yarn rainbow from top to bottom and left to right. Or right to left. Or both. Or all of the above.” observed in brain-hurting fashion by Tomas Trevino on the preceding pages—mandated a shoutout to Russell Crowe’s John Nash. It was also absolutely inspired by Jack Ryan—either Tom Clancy’s illuminating techno buildup on the page or Amazon Prime’s incisive interpretation on whatever screen you prefer. [Physical manifestation of your favorite title character’s case-building rabbit holed psychosis goes here.]

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