One Click At A Time: The Heart Behind ClickFunnels On Our Site

By definition, Marketing is the actions taken to promote and sell products or services—including
everything from conducting market research in the upfront stages of development to omnichannel
advertising before, during, and after a product launches.

The 4 Ps of marketing are the key considerations that we must thoughtfully consider in choosing
how we will market our products and services in order to put our best effort forward, optimize as
we learn, and grow over time.

They are:

Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.
And I’ll be extremely excited to break each one of those down in subsequent blog posts.
I presented the framework above to talk about one element that brings all 4 Ps together at the same
time—something that’s also one of the biggest questions we’ve received from customers to date:
“Why do your ads and/or why does your checkout process look a little different than what I’ve
typically seen before?”



Direct from their website:

“Quickly create beautiful sales funnels that convert your visitors into leads and then customers…”

“Without having to hire or relay on a tech team!”

In the spirit of helping to change the lives of entrepreneurs the world over, ClickFunnels challenges
you to join the 100,000+ who are actively using the technology to get their products and messages
out to the world.

Millions of funnels. Billions of contacts. Tens of billions in sales processed.
I’m not a programmer. I don’t know how to code. But I want to build a nice, functional website and
be able to target a specific product, upsell additional products, automate emails and Facebook
marketing…and more…and have it all in a single dashboard.

From generating leads to selling products to following up—all in one place.
I’ll expand and expound on adding customers to email lists, building in value across the funnels, cart
value, terms and conditions, and more in subsequent posts.

The biggest part of this introductory post about ClickFunnels is about the person behind the
company: Russell Brunson.

I started Bishop Bear with Newbear Lesniewski to help Enable Emerging Storytellers. We knew we
had a product—Brandon Jozef’s Heroin Highway—that the world was going to love. We knew
where we wanted to price the paperback, the audiobook, and the eBook for (all available for
purchase here). We knew we needed to build the place (the site you’re reading this blog on!). And
we knew we had some skills when it comes to branding, social media, and the content ecosystem in
the digital commerce great beyond regarding promotion.

But we’re not programmers or coders.


Like us, Russell Brunson was an athlete (and a pretty good one at that!), is a serial
entrepreneur—one who’s extremely mindful of the impact that his success can have on the
world—and above all, a family man. Like the blanks his tool(s) help fill in, the components match.
You can read more about his wide-ranging career success—which includes everything from Potato
Gun DVDs to network marketing challenges that won him a Ferrari—and how ClickFunnels has
become the fastest-growing non-venture-backed software company in the world, and how every
funnel built contributes to the school-building and other charitable endeavors that Russell and the
company are involved in here (including a documentary!).

The point is that it’s not about any one thing—there are many options when it comes to creating
and distributing your products and services all across the internet. As Newbear talked about in his
recent post, What Bishop Bear Is Built On, Bishop Bear is built on exploring and learning and

Our goal is to help Enable Emerging Storytellers so that aspiring indie writers don’t have to spend
the next twenty years figuring out Corporate America in pursuit of their goals and dreams—with a
portion of the proceeds going to charities of each author’s choice that correspond to their
characters so the world is enriched as readers turn the page.

What better place to start than with someone using a breakthrough software to share their own
story and key learnings (with an absolute TON of energy to boot!) that contains modular elements,
one-click access, and built-in elements that help us compete as entrepreneurs?

Russell Brunson is challenging us all to chase our goals and dreams.

We’re proud to be off and running.

More soon!

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