Heroin Highway - PrologueEL PASO, TEXAS: INSIDE THE CAVE
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Book #1 of the Braxton Barrett Series


Approximately 418 Minutes of listening time

Heroin Highway Paperback


Brandon Jozef (Author)


23 Reviews | 4.7/5

An uprising, hidden in the streets of Juárez, Mexico, spills across the border to El Paso.  Suddenly, over 1,500 miles away in Lexington, Kentucky, Braxton Barrett’s wife, a civilian nurse, is targeted by a Mexican cartel’s most notorious and talented hitman—Cairo Martínez.  Barrett, a former Army covert operator turned Lexington narcotics detective, has a new mission: protecting his American Dream at all costs.

Meanwhile, Lyndsey Chappa—one of the FBI’s top agents and the local heiress to one of Bourbon County’s finest horse farms, is tracking everyone involved, one tantalizing step at a time.

Worlds collide in a web of entangled drama, with surprising twists and turns. Growing from the dark, demented caves along the U.S.-Mexico border and playing out on the illuminating Kentucky backroads, betrayal lurks.

Can Braxton Barrett uncover the raw truth before it’s too late?

Moonshiners. The neon moon. Dirty money. Dirtier deeds.
On the Heroin Highway, nothing is sacred and no one safe.


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Jessica Boyd
Jessica Boyd
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Everyone’s on a journey and you absolutely want in on the team. Brandon Jozef had me picking and switching sides throughout. And more than once I woke my boyfriend up laughing out loud.
Joe Holland
Joe Holland
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Heroin Highway’s got a few folks who’ve seen war and I love the way Brandon Jozef waged it.
Dan Fiore, MFA
Dan Fiore, MFA
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These pages hum. Reading Heroin Highway feels like watching Gene Kelly dance. The characters pop. The story rips. The prose sings. Brandon Jozef tap danced all over these pages.
Stephen Watts
Stephen Watts
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Cairo Martinez is my new favorite character of all-time. The way Brandon Jozef sets characters up to square off, brings them together to battle, and turns them loose on a world that feels very familiar is really something. The scenes almost feel like characters themselves.
Clynton Kelly
Clynton Kelly
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I grew up in the American South. With Heroin Highway, Brandon Jozef has pulled off a rare feat: capturing the essence of a place while serving up a world that feels like it takes place on a global stage. This book is a drug. It’s feral. And every page raises the high.